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About AceCom

Founded in 1998, AceCom Networks Pte Ltd is a data and voice telecommunication infra-structure solution provider.

We provide total solution for data backbone infra-structure mainly using Cisco platforms as well as VOIP communication solution (and its billing ) for the VoIP carriers using VoIP, TDM and GSM transmission technology. We work with partners who are in their own fields of specialization and strategize for a win-win joint venture on workable projects with them.

With a strong sincerity and dedication, they recognize our effort and now we are one of the best known solution integrator for voip operators, white and grey, in this region of South Asia.

Our relationship with these equipment customers then develop into a traffic partner relationship or joint venture relationship. But in order not to confuse the direction of AceCom Networks itself, we set up another company providing voip traffic trading and this has been spun off as another company - Acetel Communications Pte Ltd.

AceCom Networks, 200 Jalan Sultan, Textile Center

AceCom Products

E1 Voice and Data Drop-Insert Multiplexer with FXO, FXS, E&M RS232, G.703, V.35, V.36, X.21, Ethernet
STM-1/4/16 SDH Multiplexer, Multi-Service Provioning, Optical, Electrical, Add-Drop, upto 63 E1
Digital Access Cross Connect Switch, DXC, 160Mbps, E1, T1, E3, DS3, 10/100BaseT, Converter
Groomer (Hi-Z) Non-Intrusive, Hi-Impedance Monitoring,
16 Port E1/T1, 32 Port E1/T1, 64 Port E1/T1, STM-1
Automatic Protection Switching, SafeComm, 8 E1/T1 Link, 16E1/T1 Link, E3, DS3 Fail-Over Protection Switch
Teleprotection Equipment for Power Solution, IEEE C37.94, G.703, 64Kbps co-directional digital data interface, 2.048Mbps E1
TDM over IP, TDM over Packet, TDM over MPLS, 2E1/T1, 8E1/T1, 16E1/T1, 32E1/T1 and E3/DS3/T3, MEF or MPLS, TDM pseudowire network
IP over TDM, Ethernet Converters (E1, T1, E3, DS3, SDH)

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